Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hello everyone just popping in to say Hi

It seems such a long time since I updated my blog  ~ but just wanted to update the things going on here ~


Lyn picked up s cold and a Virus which has laid her really low ~ it is now nearly three weeks and she has to wait for another blood test before he (The Doctor)  can determine  how to best treat her ~


I picked up the cold but am lots better now ~




I often tell you about Nin and Barney ~ Barney has a new trick up his (I was going to say sleeve:O)  but I guess it should be fur Leg paw ???


We have a cupboard  next to the Kitchen where we keep books ~ DVD’s and lots of other odds and ends a couple of Vacuum cleaners ~ but mostly this is where we keep the dog Biscuits and doggie treats ~ well Barney has learnt if the climbs up on to one of the cleaners he can reach the biscuits so helps himself ~ and he looks very pleased with himself ~ we wondered why his tummy was expanding ~ and he goes to the Vet next week for his injections ~ and the Vet is always Stern with us about Barneys weight ~ as his legs are very long and he must not be overweight ~ so Hard Luck Barney the door is now permanently closed  ~ It was just by chance we noticed what he was up to :O) ~

Bar_Ninny_001 Barney laying outside the Cupboard ~ this is an old picture

Barney is never at a loss on how to get extra food ~ even taking biscuits out of Williams hand ~


Last Sunday a week ago tomorrow we were cooking Sunday Lunch and I sat happily watching the Yorkshire Puddings rising but all of a sudden the lights in the oven went off and the oven no longer worked ~ although the Hob was OK so we had to go without the Yorkshires and I made some little suet dumplings  instead


A Chap who lives in a nearby Village came in during the week and fixed it for us :


Hope you all have a good week ahead of you



Jan said...

These virus's have been awful haven't they ? so much for us 'needing a good hard frost to kill the germs' as we used to say ! knocks that theory on the head does'nt it lol ,hope you are both feeling better now ,laughed at that cheeky doggies tricks Jan xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A lot of virus related illnesses are going around. I've been fortunate to have stayed healthy for the most part but seem very tired out so I'm thinking I'm fighting something off. Your Barney is a clever one. Glad that cupboard does have a door on it. Take care and keep well.

Hollie said...

Sorry you guys have been sick! Now Barney is quiet the little stinker isn't he? LOL It's so good to hear from you!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Animals can be quite cleaver, especially when food is involved :o)

Missie said...

Hope everyone gets healthy soon! Time to baby proof the door so the dog can't get those treats. LOL

Canyon Girl said...

Hope everyone gets better soon and that the vet will be pleased with your clever dog's weight. It's good to hear from you again.--Inger

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hope you are both feeling better, these things can last for ages.
Lets hope not in your case.


salemslot9 said...

I like your dancing cat!

I can just
see your Barney
looking at the vet
as if saying
I have no
idea what she's
talking about'

Jan said...

A lovely chatty post.
Hope you are all well again at your home.
I had to smile at the dooggie antics at your place.... ours is always looking for food too.
Have a very pleasant week.
Blessings, Jan

jack69 said...

Hey Ally,
Love the dancing Black Cat! I have been dancein with it! haha
Barney is a smart little dickens!!!

Sorry about the cold, Glad you are feeling better.

Good to hear from you and hope you continue to improve.
Maybe Barney won't be opver weight!! We boys hate diets!!!

Love from over here!!!

Sheila said...

Glad you are feeling better, hope Lyn feels better soon. Barney is very smart...ha. Appliances always seem to go out at the wrong time, don't they...Take care, Sheila

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hi ally,

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks eh?

There have been a lot of coughs and colds going around since Christmas. Hope Lyn's feeling better soon.

B. x

Joan said...

Great to hear from you hope Lyn is better by now these viruses can be a real pain. Barney has the right idea help yourself. Our Cocker Spaniel used to carry hiw water bowl through to the lounge if it was empty and throw it at you so to speak. Hope you are well and your cold is gon Love Joan

Rose~* said...

Hi Ally! Loved your pictures, especially the dancing cat. Glad to hear that you and Lynn are feeling better. They say that a nasty cold virus is arriving later than usual this winter and some people should think once again about getting their flu shot, if they already haven't. I am smiling about Barney's tricks. My daughter's white Chihuahua also got into his treats while she was at work, but eating too much of them made him sick. Of course, he still doesn't learn, lol.


Barney is a quite clever dog, helping himself to the biscuits. Just wait til he figures out how to open the door. Glad you're feeling better and that the stove got fixed. Hope Lynn is feeling better soon.