Thursday, 15 December 2011

Someone Hacked my e~mail

This picture is of Nin and Barney enjoying the warmth of an open fire


The main reason why I am doing an entry now is that someone (I know not who) has hacked into my e~mail I am just hoping that none of my friends here on blogger have not received any e~mails from me that I have not personally sent ~ I wonder why people do this sort of thing ~

I know Kath (Mother Hen) received one ~ but she realised it was not from me ~ so deleted it and then told me about it ~ I do think I have blocked the pest who Hacked into my e~mail ~ I do so hope I have ~

You all take care of yourselves and if I don't do another entry before Christmas I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Properous New Year ~


Monday, 28 November 2011

Just popping in to say Hello

It seems ages since I last wrote in my blog ~ I have had quite a few issues with my computer ~ which now I hope they have been resolved ~ I have still been able to read others entries but I could not on some of them make a comment ~

Hope to be back soon with a decent entry soon ~


Friday, 21 October 2011

Home alons ~ Again

I am home but not exactly alone ~ I do have the company of our two little Dogs Nin and Barney who are both sound asleep in their beds ~

Lyn has gone to the Theatre Royal with her friend Jackie ~ to see David Essex ~ I did not really want to see him ~ so that is why I am home almost alone :O)

I have been busy having done some cooking ~ and prepared dinner for tonight ~
So all in all I have enjoyed my time alone

I have reposted this entry as my computer went a bit haywire when I did the last on


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Home Alone

I am home but not exactly alone ~ I do have the company of our two little Dogs Nin and Barney who are both sound asleep in their beds ~

Lyn has gone to the Theatre Royal with her friend Jackie ~ to see David Essex ~ I did not really want to see him ~ so that is why I am home almost alone :O)

I have been busy having done some cooking ~ and prepared dinner for tonight ~

So all in all I have enjoyed my time alone

Friday, 9 September 2011



Lyn and I had a lovely day out with old friends ~ we picked the Coach up at the Greens in Aylsham ~ and then drove on to Cromer ~ we went to the End of the Pier Show (Which I am told is the only End of the Pier show in England and has been going for 34 years)


I was great fun the show was really great and the Ventriloquist was just brilliant ~  it is what a would call and old fashioned show but we enjoyed it ~


We then went on the to Red Lion Hotel in Cromer and had a Fish and Chip supper It was so big I for one could not eat it all  ~


but everyone else on our table managed to clear their plates ~

mobile phone pictures 016

This was the Venue ~ and as you looked down through the slats of wood you could see the ocean below ~ but the sea was quite calm ~ and the sun actually came out as we left the show ~

so the next get together we will have will be Christmas and this one we really are looking forward to~  it is always good to meet up with old friends ~


Thursday, 18 August 2011

New way to log in to comment on other peoples blogs

Can someone please advies me

I have noticed that when I try to comment on some blogs there seems to be a different format ~ and I can's quite get my head round how to comment without losing my own blog ~

Is anyone else having this problem !!!!!!!

retrived Blog

I was having difficulty getting back to my blog (AGAIN) hope I have resolved the problem

Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Day out at the Coast

mobile phone pictures 006

mobile phone pictures 007 There are people in the sea ~ it was quite windy but they were having a great time

mobile phone pictures 010 two Ducks out for a walk

mobile phone pictures 011

mobile phone pictures 012 Geese on the Village green

mobile phone pictures 013

mobile phone pictures 014 Same two ducks


I love being out in the Country you do come across some lovely Views


mobile phone pictures 088 This is George the Dragon who hangs in the car


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Barney taking advantage of a nice sunny spot

Picture 099

We put Tom’s Tent up in the garden to try it out ~ once it was up and a table and a nice warm blanket was put in the entrance Barney made for it and cuddled down and spent the rest of the Afternoon there ~




Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Just want to thankyou you all for my “Happy Birthday wishes” posted on Facebook yesterday

I had a wonderful day yesterday Lyn and I and all the girls in our family gathered at my Niece’s Home  ~ we have these meetings quite often ~ so we don’t lose touch with each other ~ it was not organised for my Birthday but everyone brought me a card and a gift ~ there was plenty of food and everyone there had a really good time ~ A cake was brought through and of course I had to blow out a candle ~


So I consider myself to be very Lucky Lady with such a lovely family ~

Who I might add I love each and everyone of them :



Monday, 4 July 2011

Independence Day


Before the day is over and Lest I should forget I want to wish all my very Dear Friends in the USA a very Happy Independence Day


Picture 081

Lyn and Blue Boy also wish you a Happy Day


Ally x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

This pot of flowers was planted by the birds

Picture 095

Picture 096

Picture 097

these are such delicate flowers one gust of wind and the petals are blown off ~ the Bees seem to love them ~

Is anyone else having trouble commenting on blogs  ~ “I am” I go into comment ~ then when I click to enter comment it goes back to blogger then I have to enter my email and password then it tells me to enter so once again I click to enter then it goes back to blogger I then have to enter my email and password again but this goes on and I cannot make my comment ~


if anyone knows how to correct this I would be very grateful ~


Ally x

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Moth sitting on the gate which I thought was a leaf

Picture 091

Anyone know it’s name (We decided to call him George)

If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you get s better view



Friday, 10 June 2011

Our visit to the Theatre Royal


Lyn and I met up with about 20 friends to have a tour round The Theatre Royal ~ many times a few years ago I used to go see productions there~ mostly the Pantomime or perhaps a musical ~

but I never realised how much work went into producing one of these shows


We went on stage ~ saw the Wardrobe mistress looking after the clothes and the wigs used in the productions ~ we saw the stage door and the side wings and everything that goes on while a production is in progress


our tour guide was so full of everything connected with the Theatre ~ he knew how many people could be seated in the theatre and anything else we asked him questions about ~ he said he loved working here in Norwich as the productions changed every week ~ and said he would hate to work in London where the productions could last for weeks or even months ~

We never dreamed we could enjoy a visit so much ~ at the end of the tour we went to the restaurant where they had laid on a meal for us ~ which was most enjoyable ~ it was a stew and dumplings ~ don’t sound very exciting but it was delicious ~ and sitting with friends made it most enjoyable ~ Next year we have been told another tour has been arranged and I for one must say I shall look forward to visiting the Theatre again

I never wanted to go on the stage and seeing the work that goes on behind stage I NEVER WANT TOO


Sunday, 5 June 2011

I once again I lost my blog but hopefully I have got it back now

Above is a picture Of "Blue" one of Tom's dog ~ he has one blue eye hence that is how he got his name

We went over to Toms today as he did a BBQ for us all ~ it was a great day with spending time with Family

I am glad I have retrieved my Blog as I was beginning to missing you all

Ally x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy Birthday Amber Added a picture of Lewie

Amber celebrated her 14th Birthday Yesterday 21st May ~ today lots of her family and friends gathered to have a celebratory BBQ ~ the day started off Dull with a little rain ~ which was disappointing as we have been having some lovely Sun filled days ~But by the time we had all gathered round the Sun came out and it was quite warm ~

Picture 053

Blue Boy was on guard hoping someone would drop a morsel or two so that he would get a treat ~

Lewie on the other hand (their other dog) decided he wanted to help himself to some food before it all went ~ so he stole some Sausages and Burgers (11 Sausages and the same amount of burgers) (he is a very big dog :O) and Tom had to go back to the shop to get some  replacements ~ so Lewie was banished from the garden and the food ~

Picture 082

Here is Lewie who is now indoors ) Looking very sorry for himself ~ IMG_1782



Picture just to let you know how big Lewie is ~ he had no ill effects from eating all those burgers and sausages :O)

We all had a lovely day ~ Amber went into the City Yesterday and spent all of her Birthday money But she was very happy ~ and bought herself some nice Bargains (All clothes of course and the odd bit of jewellery)  ~ but it was good to see her so contented ~ and happy with her life ~

I would like to have these celebrations every Sunday ~ but I think that would be too much work ~ So I look forward to the next Birthday and a family get together ~





Friday, 20 May 2011

Gathering of the Aunts Nieces Sisters and Daughters

Today we as a family (the Girls) met up to catch up with what is going on in our lives ~ so we do not lose touch with each other ~ we had a lovely day with lots of Laughter and lots of good food ~ we do this about 4 or 5 times a year at different Houses ~ and always enjoy ourselves ~

Now I must tell you of a small incident that happened on our way there ~ we were driving along the main road into Dereham and this little tan coloured terrier was crossing the road ~ very slowly ~ we pulled up as did the cars coming towards us ~

The little dog padded into a garden and we thought and hoped perhaps it was where it lived ~ Lyn hopped out of the car and knocked on the door (Twice) ~ The lady came to answer it and said I got here as quickly as I could (We don’t think she appreciated ringing her bell twice :O)~ but when Lyn asked her if the little dog belonged to her ~ she was shocked as she did not know it had got out of her Garden ~ and she explained to Lyn that it was Blind and Deaf ~ and she was very thankful that we found it’s home ~ (The Little Dogs name is Pepper)

I was happy that he was safe with his owner ~ th_ally20girl20pink20heartMA13701568-0

Thursday, 19 May 2011

How my garden grows

It had been a lovely day ~and we are just home from shopping ~ Lyn has now taken her friend to the Hospital as she has to have an injection in her eye ~ (Which Lyn tells me it is very painful) she does go in with her friend to watch ~


Looking round the garden I liked what I saw


Picture 041 Rose Bush absolutely full of blooms just behind the letter box

Picture 042 One of the flowers isn’t it beautiful


Picture 045 One branch of The apple tree is full of fruit ~ as is all of the treePicture 046 the plum tree (Victoria Plums) they look so small but in a few weeks time they will be Large and ready to eat

Picture 044 The Cherry tree once again full of fruit ~ last year the birds came and took the cherries ~ they ate the fruit and left the stalk and pip on the tree ~ which I thought was very good of them :O)


Hope you enjoyed your walk round my Garden ~ please feel free to help yourself the the fruit :O)



Saturday, 23 April 2011

Have a Wonderful Easter Weekend

It looks like the weekend end is going to be Sunny and warm

Picture 029

William enjoying a ride on his scooter



Sunday, 17 April 2011



After much searching and a lot of help from Google I have managed to retrieve my blog ~ I would have hated it if I could not have got it back because all of my friends are here and I do like to keep in touch with them ~



Must get on with Sunday Lunch now as we have eight people coming to dine with us