Friday, 17 July 2009

see how my garden grows ~ Continued :o)

I do hope these pictures come out ~
Ally x

Thursday, 16 July 2009

See how my Garen Grows

It has been a lovely Sunny day today so I took some pictures in the Garden The Apple tree is so full of fruit the branches nearly touch the ground ~ As for my Grape Vine which is in the Greenhouse I have never seen so many bunches of Grape on it as it has this year ~ funnily enough Lyn didn't prune it back this year so I am very pleased at the outcome ~ Will be able to make some Apple and Grape Wine when they are both Ripe ~ Hope everyone is well ~ I have been having some problems with my computer but they all seem to be sorted now ~ I hope so I hate being with out my PC ~ Do you remember the tub Barney was sitting on Sunning himself ~ well this is the Plant that eventually grew up we sould have some potato's to dig up soon :o)