Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Barney and Sam

Here Barney is lapping up the Sunshine ~ That tub he is sitting in has a potato planted in it ~ he has never sat in a tub before ~ well not one with soil in it ~ he do'es look comfortable though I must say :o)

when I was at the Hospital a couple of weeks ago because I had fractured my wrist ~ Tom my Grandson came in with Sam my Great Grandson who had been in a Rugby tackle at school and injured his foot ~

Sam has been in the wars as two weeks ago he was riding his friends Cycle and the front wheel came off ~ it all happened so quickly and he hit the pavement and knocked himself out his friend had the presence of mind to ring an ambulance and contact the police and he even rang Cressie Sam's Mum to let her know what had happened ~ when you think he is only 14 years old I think he did very well ~ Sam fractured his left hand (and he is left handed) and his face was cut very badly ~ but I am glad to say he is healing very quickly ~ and lapping up being waited on hand and foot :o)

I hope that is the end of the accidents ~ Times I wish we could wrap them in cotton wool ~ but I know that is not possible ~