Sunday, 15 November 2009


Lyn and I have been out and about ~ now that the nights have started to draw in
It is really dark by 4.30pm ~ so to get the most out of the day we have to start
early ~

So I have spent much less time on the computer than I did ~
but now I seem to have a little extra time so I must get my Blog back up to date ~
I could not recount all the things we have done other than to tell you where ever
we go we seem to get lost ~ the narrow country lanes look all the same and it is
so easy to take the wrong turn ~ but somehow (I don’t know how) we find our way
back home ~

The Countryside is so beautiful at this time of the year ~ the colours on the
trees are breathtaking ~ It certainly is worthwhile just taking a drive out to see them ~
I'll try to write more next time so until then take care of yourselves ~


Sunday, 13 September 2009

It seems ages since I updated my Blog

Lyn and I have been out and about just lately, we went on a coach trip to Bressingham Steam Museum ~ and had a wonderful day out the Sun Shone non stop all day, ~ We ended the day with a meal at a Hotel which was very good ~
Then last week we went to Cromer (a small seaside town) once again we went on a coach trip and this time we visited the End of the Pier show ~ there was a very steep descent to the pier which was easy going down but the thought of having to climb it when the show was over was a bit daunting :o) we had a great day out and once again the weather was good for us ~ we ended the day with a Fish and Chip evening meal ~ and had some very good company the people on the Coach we have met before so it was good fun meeting up agaim ~ (The picture above if taken looking out to sea)
The Children are now back at School so should have more time to devote to my Blog ~ But it has been great having them here during the Summer Holidays ~

Sunday, 9 August 2009

My Sick Computer

My poor computer is sick and will go into computer hospital tomorrow ~ while I shall sit here lost without it :o)

I hope I wont be without it for long ~

I am lucky to have two more to use here ~ but isn't it strange how different someone elses computer is to your own ~

Ally x

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dicks Camera

Sunday, 2 August 2009 Dick's Camera I had to make a note of what happened with Dick's Camera ~ it is now over six years since he left us and we miss him so very much ~ I knew where the camera was but never thought about what may be hidden inside ~ Tom my Grandson realised there was a spool stilll inside the camera so suggested we take it to the shop and get it developed ~ so we took it to a shop in Fakenham I never thought for one moment that it could still be developed ~ the man in the shop had difficulty removing the spool and told us the camera was broken ~ I suppose after six years of just laying around it had deteriorated ~ so I had little hope of any of the pictures coming out ~ The following week we returned to Fakenham and Tom went into the shop to pick the pictures up ~ I fully expected none of them to come out ~ But they did ~ each and everyone of them even some that Tom had taken to finish up spool up ~ They were mostly of the Grandchildren they were just babies but it was so good to see them and there was one of Dick and myself sitting on the Sofa celebrating one Christmas ~ You can imagine how pleased we were ~ Tom and I stood outside the shop looking at the pictures ~ we were just so pleased and happy I cannot tell you how pleased we both were ~ It was like having him back ~ I wonder if he planned this for us so long after he left us ~ I like to think he did ~ There was one very Happy Wife Daughter and Grandson ~ who could have thought such a small thing could bring so much happiness ~

Friday, 17 July 2009

see how my garden grows ~ Continued :o)

I do hope these pictures come out ~
Ally x

Thursday, 16 July 2009

See how my Garen Grows

It has been a lovely Sunny day today so I took some pictures in the Garden The Apple tree is so full of fruit the branches nearly touch the ground ~ As for my Grape Vine which is in the Greenhouse I have never seen so many bunches of Grape on it as it has this year ~ funnily enough Lyn didn't prune it back this year so I am very pleased at the outcome ~ Will be able to make some Apple and Grape Wine when they are both Ripe ~ Hope everyone is well ~ I have been having some problems with my computer but they all seem to be sorted now ~ I hope so I hate being with out my PC ~ Do you remember the tub Barney was sitting on Sunning himself ~ well this is the Plant that eventually grew up we sould have some potato's to dig up soon :o)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Barney and Sam

Here Barney is lapping up the Sunshine ~ That tub he is sitting in has a potato planted in it ~ he has never sat in a tub before ~ well not one with soil in it ~ he do'es look comfortable though I must say :o)

when I was at the Hospital a couple of weeks ago because I had fractured my wrist ~ Tom my Grandson came in with Sam my Great Grandson who had been in a Rugby tackle at school and injured his foot ~

Sam has been in the wars as two weeks ago he was riding his friends Cycle and the front wheel came off ~ it all happened so quickly and he hit the pavement and knocked himself out his friend had the presence of mind to ring an ambulance and contact the police and he even rang Cressie Sam's Mum to let her know what had happened ~ when you think he is only 14 years old I think he did very well ~ Sam fractured his left hand (and he is left handed) and his face was cut very badly ~ but I am glad to say he is healing very quickly ~ and lapping up being waited on hand and foot :o)

I hope that is the end of the accidents ~ Times I wish we could wrap them in cotton wool ~ but I know that is not possible ~


Friday, 29 May 2009

Did anyone miss me ?????

I had a collision with a door and ended up fracturing my right wrist which has made it very difficult to type or to be honest to do very much of anything as it is splintered and very difficult to move ~

But I am still reading and trying to comment so please forgive me if I havn't been able to comment on your Blog ~

Hopefully it won't be too long until I get this split off and can lead a normal Life ~

The vidio above is Lyn and William enjoying the Trampoline all the Children seem to be having a great time and I love to watch them but rest assured I shall not be going on it for a long time to come

Ally :o)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Nin and Barneys visit to the "FAT" Nurse ~ and a few days away for me

Lyn got her Trampoline as you can see William is having a great time ~ the netting obscures the picture a bit but it is a safety measure to protect him from falling off the edge ~

Nin and Barney visited the "FAT" Nurse they had both lost 2 and a half inches from their body size Barney had lost weight the Nurse was really pleased with him ~ but Nin had not lost any weight at all the Nurse said it was possible he was building up muscle he is a really sturdy little boy ~

I shall be away for a while I am going to visit my Sister Joy but will be back during next week ~


Monday, 20 April 2009

Sunny Day and Allergies

                                                              william maing up 002

Here’s William sitting in the Hallway using Lyn’s Makeup ~ He is such a lovely little boy and can entertain himself for hours ~

There is just one problem with all this Sunshine and flowers blooming they bring out lots of pollen and set off any allergies

especially my Asthma ~ but luckily this time I did manage to go see the Nurse who is qualified to give out prescriptions ~ so for the last week I have nearly finished a course of Antibiotics and Steroids ~ no need to call for assistance from the paramedics ~


Lyn has bought herself a Trampoline which should have been delivered last Friday but it didn’t arrive ~ they now tell us it will be here to~morrow Monday  (We shall have to wait and see)


With this nice weather time now to think about filling the swimming pool ~ or will that be tempting the fates ~ last year when we did just that the weather changed and we hardly had any Summer weather ~


I let Barney and Nin into the Garden Barney shot out of the door and the next thing I saw was Barney throwing a little field mouse into the air he then picked it up by the tail and was shaken it (poor little thing) ~ I managed to get him to leave it and with trepidation picked it up by the tail went out into the front garden and put it into the hedge it scampered away so I am hoping it will be OK ~  (you might think I am a fool worrying about one small mouse) but I do hate to see anything hurt ~




Friday, 3 April 2009

me and Joy

allyFIXED.jpg image by Althea021


I love this picture of me and my Big Sister Joy ~ she only looks bigger because her chair is taller than mine :o)

we have been more than sisters we have been great friends ~ and I love her dearly ~ when I was in hospital she was there for me trying to take away any pain that I had ~ she would willing have taken it away and took away the cancer that was trying to take me away from her ~ I know for certain that it was because of her I am still here to enjoy her company ~ her encouragement and her prayers always made me feel strong ~

I would not dare to have left her she would never have forgiven me ~

We have five brothers and an older sister and we were always a very close family and we were always there for each other ~ but Joy and I were the youngest two girls in the family we went to School together and when we left School we worked for the same company for a while ~

I just want her to know how much she means to me and how glad I am she is part of my life ~


I was prompted to write this post today as I had a Hospital appointment today and everything was fine and I do not have to go back for another year ~ it is amazing the things that go through your mind before an appointment and the relief of knowing all is well ~


AllyPretty girl Ally

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Where is Barney ??????

Barney went missing today ~ we searched the garden the workshop and all the little nooks and crannies where we though he would be ~


We eventually found him in the last place we expected he would be


Very comfortable as you can see :o)


Barney in Bed


He had found his way upstairs and made himself very comfortable in one of the beds up their ~


we were just pleased he was safe  as he does mean such a lot to us !!!!!!!!


Ally x


Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Boys helping us out with the decorating ??????

We have been busy here decorating ~ with the help of Nin and Barney

Nin and Barney helping with the decoration 001

Here's Barney guarding the dust sheets


Nin and Barney helping with the decoration 003

Barney still guarding the dust sheets


Nin and Barney helping with the decoration 005

Here's Nin assisting Barney guarding the dust sheets


Nin and Barney helping with the decoration 006


It is hard work all this Guarding business ~ I thought a Dog's life was resting all the time ~ How wrong I was !!!!


Hope to get back to Blogland when we have finished ~ still have the dining area in the kitchen to finish ~


Well I am only the Tea maker ~ but someone has got to do it :o)



Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Nin and Barneys visit to the "Fat" Nurse at the vets

Nin and Barney at the vets 003

Nin waiting patiently for Barney to come back to the car


Nin and Barney at the vets 005

Barney is not quite so patient he do'es not like to be too far away from Nin


Nin and Barney at the vets 002

We took the rest of the pets along with us :o)


It was weigh in day at the Vets ~ both of the boys are overweight ~ Barney has to lose 7lbs and Nin 5lbs

they did not have a note of Barneys weight from the last visit ~ but we know he has lost quite a lot as his tum is not as big as it was ~


These visits to the "Fat" Nurse are free ~ they like to keep and eye on our pets ~ all we have to do is buy the Diet food and at £54 I am glad they are free ~ Mind you it is a huge big bag so should last quite a while ~



Here is William we Baby sat him while Mum and Dad were at work ~ he is a pleasure to have ~ and makes himself at home ~ had to put the guard up to protect him from the wood burner ~ as he kept wanting to undo the door ~ he goes to bed early and wakes up late ~ what more could any Mother ask for


Pretty girl Ally

Monday, 2 February 2009

Barney and the vet

Where ever Nin is Barney won't be far away
Barney sitting in front of the door where we keep their food

We had to take Barney to the vets for his injections ~ and he is terrified going there ~ I can't understand why as they are such a lovely lot of people and are so kind ~ but he only has to enter the doors and he starts to shake ~ Lyn and I took him in my little car and he sat on Lyn's knee but he worried all the way ~ when we arrived at the vets I sat in the car and Lyn took Barney into to see the vet ~

I sat there for a good 20 minutes so thought I would go in to see how things were going ~ well Barney was still on Lyn's knee shaking like a leaf ~

he eventually had his injections and was really a very good boy ~ but he couldn't get out of the doors quick enough ~ I had to smile as the vet told Lyn he was overweight and had to go on a diet ~ she got a phone call today asking her to go to the surgery and have a consultation with his fat nurse ~ (Nurse is not fat) just Barney ~ he weighs 4 stone I am not sure what he should weight but I am sure it is not 4 stone ~ but I hasten to add they had made a mistake using Kilograms and not Pounds ~ so in actual fact Barney weighs two stones but is still overweight ~
Do you remember SusaneBunn ~ she has started a blog again ~ above is a link to her new journal ~ It is nice to see an old AOL friend back with us

It has been snowing here for the last 3 days some heavy some light but they say we have a lot more to come tonight ~

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

William had just had his bath ~ who gave him a chocolate bar ??? (I'm not guilty :o)
Lucky on his favourite persons knee my Nephew Tim (couple of pictures from last year)
You know how they say things happen in threes ~ well that is certainly what has happened in this household
No 1 The washing machine packed up
No 2 The Cooker packed up
No 3 Now what was Number 3 ~ Oh Yes I remember it was the moniter on Lyn's computer just cracked for no apparent reason ~
The washing machine was sorted easily the chappie who does the repairs suggested the filter was clogged up ~ and this proved to be the case ~ there was quite a bit of small change retrieved 5p's 20p's and pennies ~
Lyn's Moniter was replaced at a cost of £80 ~ so all is well with that now
But the Cooker needed replacement ~ so we ordered a new one ~
they came and fitted it and all seemed well
That is until we cooked on it ~ there were several of us sitting around the Kitchen table ~ when all of a sudden the back burner caught fire ~
luckily we were able to put the flames out ~
contacted the shop where we purchased it ~ this is a shop we use frequently ~ and the manager was horrified that this had happened ~
He contacted us today saying he had contacted the manufacturers ~ they are going to test all of the stock they have in this model to make sure it is not just a one off fault ~ and he will be here Friday to fit another one ~
We have the caravan in the garden so looks like we will be cooking in there for the next couple of days ~
Hope that is the end of these mishaps ~ Isn't it amazing how these things always seem to happen in three's ~