Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Just popping in to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween ~ hope you get lots of Treats and no Tricks :o)
Help yourself to the Candy ~ went to the Chocolate Factory to make sure I had plenty to hand out ~
I doubt we will have many if anyone call tonight ~ it is bitterly cold and as we live out in the sticks and at the end of a long country lane
(they call it a Road but in my book it is a Lane :o)
~ and the nights are drawing in ~ it is now 4.30pm and it is getting dark already ~
Last year we only had one little boy call and he went away happy with his stack of Goodies ~

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Just making a note for next year :o)

Dear Blog i am making this entry so next year when my flu jab is due I can reread these notes and take heed :o) the card above is from my Dear Grandchildren ~
Two weeks ago it was Saturday morning I woke with and awful sore throat and a real bad cold ~ I cannot remember the last time I had a cold ~
the following Saturday I was due to have my Flu injection ~ but doubted they would give it to me as when the time came my cold was not any better ~ but the Nurse took my temperature and it was normal so she said it would be OK to go ahead ~ As Lyn pointed out to me she said " you might as well have both to cope with at the same time" ~
some days passed and I was feeling pretty rough ~ by the Thursday I couldn't catch my breath and was having some difficulty breathing ~ Lyn popped her head in the door and asked if I would like her to ring the Doctor to make an appointment ~ which I readily agreed was a very good idea ~
She rang the Doctor and got through just before the surgery opened and was asked questions by the person at the other end of the phone ~ when she mentioned my breathing problems she said an ambulance was on the way they could not afford to wait on a Doctor's appointment ~
Bear in mind I live 13 miles from any large Town/City but the ambulance was here in a very very short time ~ Plus a paramedic ~ all in all there were 5 people in my room ~ one nice chappie gave me some oxygen which I remember was lovely to be able to breath deeply ~ I was having a very bad Asthma attack and I can't remember the last time I had one of those either must be a good 8 years ago ~ I am used to Mild attacks and can cope with them but this was a cracker !!!!! ~
They thought it was all due to having a cold and a chest infection and having the Flu Jab to cope with as well ~ everything else they checked out was fine no heart problems in fact no other problems at all ~ so you might say I am "Fighting Fit" just a bit fragile at the moment :o) ~
Making good progress am on Antibiotics and steroids at the moment ~ and you should see the size of those Antibiotics and I have to swallow them whole :o( ~
And of course I must thank my Darling Daughter Lyn for taking good care of me ~ So a big Thank You from your Mum xxx
Memo to myself ~ If you have the slightest cold next year round whatever else you do do not have that Flu injection :o)

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hppy Birthday

Today is my Granddaughters birthday ~ Happy Birthday Cressie ~ Lyn has just left here to go to their house to baby sit as Tom is taking Cressie out for a meal to celebrate ~Lyn made the cake above it is white chocolate and strawberry's ~ with strawberry cream filling ~ it was delicious ~
Have a wonderful night out and Happy Birthday I love you very much ~
Ally x
and try not to eat the rest of the cake

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Starting anew

Well how do I start ~ It feels like the first day of starting at a new school ~ new things to learn ~ I do hope my friends will be joining me here ~ and any advice will be gratefully accepted ~ the picture is of Nin who made himself comfortable in a Bathrobe hanging from the radiator :o) Ally x