Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I always smile at the little verse below ~ It is pinned up on the notice board at the Doctors surgery


Little pill here in my hand
I wonder how you understand,
Just what to do or where to go,
To stop the ache that hurts me so,
Within your covering lies relief,
You work alone to ease my grief,
You sink in regions there below,
As down my throat you quickly go !
But what I wonder, little pill,
Is how you know right where I'm ill ?
And just how do you really know,
exactly where you have to go ?

"author unknown"
Ally x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My Brothers

Bunny ~ Denis ~ Tony ~ Teddy ~ Ivor ~ My 5 dear brothers

I never got to ride that horse

Went to see Diamond Lil at the Airport

Me fishing

Joy to the left me to the right always devoted sisters ~ Joy isn't taller than me her chair is higer :O)

Me to the Left and Joy to the right still devoted ~ Sitting with our little dog "Roger"


Monday, 20 September 2010


Love this picture of Nin

I love to sit back and let my mind wander to the days long gone when I lived at home with my brothers and sisters ~ Our brothers were very protective of us girls ~ where ever we went in the City we would always come across one of them making sure they knew we were safe ~ we would meet up at a cafe' in Prince of Wales Road for a cup of tea before going home for Sunday Lunch

Sunday was very different then as everything was closed except the Museum ~ and the odd cafe ~ Thinking back to those days we had wonderful Christmas's Mum and Dad didn't have much cash to throw around but they did give us all the love we needed ~
when you think they had eight children but not one of us lacked the knowledge of knowing we were all loved ~

Dad was so patient with us all even when my brothers would borrow one of his shirts or his best jacket ~ or even his best pair of shoes ~ and Mum had a knack of being able to stop us dead with one of her looks if we did anything that didn't meet with her approval ~ I wish I had inherited that knack ~

my brother Tony who is 5 years older than me went to Heigham House School before Joy and me but he was terrible for playing traunt from school Mum would have to take him to the Front gate and see him in ~ but what Mum didn't know was the back entrance was always open and Tony would go in the front gate and immediately go to the back gate and leave the school premises ~

the funny thing was that he was the only one of us to attend the school reunions ~ which never ceased to make us laugh ~ I hope our teachers were pleased to see him as they very rarely got that privaledge during his school years ~

going back to our Christmas's we used to join together these chains to decorate the ceiling of our house and had many happy nights getting ready for Christmas ~ Mum would bake mince pies sausage rolls and all the other goodies that made our christmas ~ but would have to lock them away from us kids as we would have eaten them all if they had been in the pantry ~

such happy memories I am glad to have the ability to remember them all and to remember my parents for the love and understanding they gave us I know my brothers and sisters would approve of me writing this as they were all like me very glad to have had such wonderful parents


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Such a great day out

It is a week tomorrow that we went on a trip to Cromer ~ it was arranged that we meet the Coach in Aylsham then go on from there to see the End of the Pier show ~ It turned out to be a beautiful day the Sun shone from morn till night we suggested we went and sun bathed on the beach and give the show a miss ~

We came last year to see this show and really enjoyed it ~ It is gentle comedy ~ Dancing ~ and singing ~

Not something todays youngsters would enjoy ~ but we all had a good day out and ended with a Crab salad supper in a nearby Hotel ~

We met up with friends as we do about 3 times a year ~ it is always nice to see old friends and to catch up with each other ~

Our next day out together will be our arranged Chrismas Dinner ~ It does not seem possible that is not so very far off now ~ where does the time go ~ it just seems to fly by ~

Both Lyn and myself enjoy meeting up with old colleagues of Dick's ~ it seems to bring us closer together ~ Lyn was always a Daddies girl and she likes to keep in touch with his friends ~ as I do