Friday, 9 September 2011



Lyn and I had a lovely day out with old friends ~ we picked the Coach up at the Greens in Aylsham ~ and then drove on to Cromer ~ we went to the End of the Pier Show (Which I am told is the only End of the Pier show in England and has been going for 34 years)


I was great fun the show was really great and the Ventriloquist was just brilliant ~  it is what a would call and old fashioned show but we enjoyed it ~


We then went on the to Red Lion Hotel in Cromer and had a Fish and Chip supper It was so big I for one could not eat it all  ~


but everyone else on our table managed to clear their plates ~

mobile phone pictures 016

This was the Venue ~ and as you looked down through the slats of wood you could see the ocean below ~ but the sea was quite calm ~ and the sun actually came out as we left the show ~

so the next get together we will have will be Christmas and this one we really are looking forward to~  it is always good to meet up with old friends ~