Monday, 26 July 2010

Lest I forget

Must make a couple of notes of what has happened these last two weeks ~ Firstly Cressie my Granddaughter was rushed to hospital with sever pains in her chest and having difficulty breathing ~ After lots of tests they diagnosed Pleurisy and I am glad to say she is much better now

Secondly Nin had an appointment at the Vets as he was having some trouble with his teeth ~ the Vet checked him out and said an operation was necessary as some of his teeth needed to be removed ~ the upshot was and is she had to remove 14 teeth and said she had never seen anything like it in a dog it was something that only cats ever suffered from ~ anyway we took him back to see the vet a week later and she was very pleased with his progress ~ told us he was healing very well ~ (that set us back £420.00) pity our animals didn't have a NHS ~ I am sure it must be very hard for some to be able to foot the bills the Vets present us with ~

Barney is being a nurse to Nin and is everywhere Nin is ~ actually it is lovely to watch as Barney snuggles as close to Nin as he can get ~ and is determined to be his shadow ~ they are such good friends ~ when Nin was in the Vets poor Barney didn't know what to do with himself he paced from room to room looking for his old friend ~

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Barney waiting his turn to go into the washing machine :O)

Just look at the size of his paws :o)
Barney waiting for his turn in the washing machine :O)

Barney made himself comfortable in the small washing basket ~ We imagine he is waiting his turn to go in the washing machine ~
The top picture is Lewie he is the new addition to Tom's Family he is a rescued Labradoodle and is going to be a big boy ~ he is just 7 months old ~ you cannot really see his colouring in this picture but I will get a better picture of him at a later date ~ and I am glad to say him and Blue ~ Tom's other dog seem to be getting on very well together so I am sure they will end up being the very best of friends ~
Ally x

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lovely Sunny Thursday

Above is picture of William fast asleep and next to him fast asleep is Nin don't they just look so contented ~ they spent the whole night together curled together ~

It has been a lovely Sunny Day today ~ Tom came to visit us today and brought with him his New addition to his family he has adopted a "Labrador Poodle" or Labradoodle which was in need of rescuing he is a lovely Boy and cannot understand how anyone could ill treat him in any way ~ he is such a contented little boy (Well not so little ) he is seven months old and
"Blue" Tom's own dog is slowly getting to accept him ~ I do so hope they will eventually be the best of friends ~

"Lewey" is so tall that all he has to do is get on his back legs and he can reach the back of the units in the Kitchen and he can also undo the Back door ~ So we have to make sure we don't leave anything out that he can eat :o) he also was helping himself to the food from the sack of dog food in the cupboard which Barney and Nin cannot reach :o)

I will take a picture of him so you can see what an adorable Boy he is ~ He has Amder coloured eyes and has two toned brown and amber fur which is just starting to curl ~

He has won all of our hearts so I am sure he will have a good home for as long as he needs one I know for certain I could take him in ~
Ally xx