Monday, 20 April 2009

Sunny Day and Allergies

                                                              william maing up 002

Here’s William sitting in the Hallway using Lyn’s Makeup ~ He is such a lovely little boy and can entertain himself for hours ~

There is just one problem with all this Sunshine and flowers blooming they bring out lots of pollen and set off any allergies

especially my Asthma ~ but luckily this time I did manage to go see the Nurse who is qualified to give out prescriptions ~ so for the last week I have nearly finished a course of Antibiotics and Steroids ~ no need to call for assistance from the paramedics ~


Lyn has bought herself a Trampoline which should have been delivered last Friday but it didn’t arrive ~ they now tell us it will be here to~morrow Monday  (We shall have to wait and see)


With this nice weather time now to think about filling the swimming pool ~ or will that be tempting the fates ~ last year when we did just that the weather changed and we hardly had any Summer weather ~


I let Barney and Nin into the Garden Barney shot out of the door and the next thing I saw was Barney throwing a little field mouse into the air he then picked it up by the tail and was shaken it (poor little thing) ~ I managed to get him to leave it and with trepidation picked it up by the tail went out into the front garden and put it into the hedge it scampered away so I am hoping it will be OK ~  (you might think I am a fool worrying about one small mouse) but I do hate to see anything hurt ~




Friday, 3 April 2009

me and Joy

allyFIXED.jpg image by Althea021


I love this picture of me and my Big Sister Joy ~ she only looks bigger because her chair is taller than mine :o)

we have been more than sisters we have been great friends ~ and I love her dearly ~ when I was in hospital she was there for me trying to take away any pain that I had ~ she would willing have taken it away and took away the cancer that was trying to take me away from her ~ I know for certain that it was because of her I am still here to enjoy her company ~ her encouragement and her prayers always made me feel strong ~

I would not dare to have left her she would never have forgiven me ~

We have five brothers and an older sister and we were always a very close family and we were always there for each other ~ but Joy and I were the youngest two girls in the family we went to School together and when we left School we worked for the same company for a while ~

I just want her to know how much she means to me and how glad I am she is part of my life ~


I was prompted to write this post today as I had a Hospital appointment today and everything was fine and I do not have to go back for another year ~ it is amazing the things that go through your mind before an appointment and the relief of knowing all is well ~


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