Sunday, 26 June 2011

This pot of flowers was planted by the birds

Picture 095

Picture 096

Picture 097

these are such delicate flowers one gust of wind and the petals are blown off ~ the Bees seem to love them ~

Is anyone else having trouble commenting on blogs  ~ “I am” I go into comment ~ then when I click to enter comment it goes back to blogger then I have to enter my email and password then it tells me to enter so once again I click to enter then it goes back to blogger I then have to enter my email and password again but this goes on and I cannot make my comment ~


if anyone knows how to correct this I would be very grateful ~


Ally x

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Moth sitting on the gate which I thought was a leaf

Picture 091

Anyone know it’s name (We decided to call him George)

If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you get s better view



Friday, 10 June 2011

Our visit to the Theatre Royal


Lyn and I met up with about 20 friends to have a tour round The Theatre Royal ~ many times a few years ago I used to go see productions there~ mostly the Pantomime or perhaps a musical ~

but I never realised how much work went into producing one of these shows


We went on stage ~ saw the Wardrobe mistress looking after the clothes and the wigs used in the productions ~ we saw the stage door and the side wings and everything that goes on while a production is in progress


our tour guide was so full of everything connected with the Theatre ~ he knew how many people could be seated in the theatre and anything else we asked him questions about ~ he said he loved working here in Norwich as the productions changed every week ~ and said he would hate to work in London where the productions could last for weeks or even months ~

We never dreamed we could enjoy a visit so much ~ at the end of the tour we went to the restaurant where they had laid on a meal for us ~ which was most enjoyable ~ it was a stew and dumplings ~ don’t sound very exciting but it was delicious ~ and sitting with friends made it most enjoyable ~ Next year we have been told another tour has been arranged and I for one must say I shall look forward to visiting the Theatre again

I never wanted to go on the stage and seeing the work that goes on behind stage I NEVER WANT TOO


Sunday, 5 June 2011

I once again I lost my blog but hopefully I have got it back now

Above is a picture Of "Blue" one of Tom's dog ~ he has one blue eye hence that is how he got his name

We went over to Toms today as he did a BBQ for us all ~ it was a great day with spending time with Family

I am glad I have retrieved my Blog as I was beginning to missing you all

Ally x