Wednesday, 14 January 2009

William had just had his bath ~ who gave him a chocolate bar ??? (I'm not guilty :o)
Lucky on his favourite persons knee my Nephew Tim (couple of pictures from last year)
You know how they say things happen in threes ~ well that is certainly what has happened in this household
No 1 The washing machine packed up
No 2 The Cooker packed up
No 3 Now what was Number 3 ~ Oh Yes I remember it was the moniter on Lyn's computer just cracked for no apparent reason ~
The washing machine was sorted easily the chappie who does the repairs suggested the filter was clogged up ~ and this proved to be the case ~ there was quite a bit of small change retrieved 5p's 20p's and pennies ~
Lyn's Moniter was replaced at a cost of £80 ~ so all is well with that now
But the Cooker needed replacement ~ so we ordered a new one ~
they came and fitted it and all seemed well
That is until we cooked on it ~ there were several of us sitting around the Kitchen table ~ when all of a sudden the back burner caught fire ~
luckily we were able to put the flames out ~
contacted the shop where we purchased it ~ this is a shop we use frequently ~ and the manager was horrified that this had happened ~
He contacted us today saying he had contacted the manufacturers ~ they are going to test all of the stock they have in this model to make sure it is not just a one off fault ~ and he will be here Friday to fit another one ~
We have the caravan in the garden so looks like we will be cooking in there for the next couple of days ~
Hope that is the end of these mishaps ~ Isn't it amazing how these things always seem to happen in three's ~