Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy Birthday Amber Added a picture of Lewie

Amber celebrated her 14th Birthday Yesterday 21st May ~ today lots of her family and friends gathered to have a celebratory BBQ ~ the day started off Dull with a little rain ~ which was disappointing as we have been having some lovely Sun filled days ~But by the time we had all gathered round the Sun came out and it was quite warm ~

Picture 053

Blue Boy was on guard hoping someone would drop a morsel or two so that he would get a treat ~

Lewie on the other hand (their other dog) decided he wanted to help himself to some food before it all went ~ so he stole some Sausages and Burgers (11 Sausages and the same amount of burgers) (he is a very big dog :O) and Tom had to go back to the shop to get some  replacements ~ so Lewie was banished from the garden and the food ~

Picture 082

Here is Lewie who is now indoors ) Looking very sorry for himself ~ IMG_1782



Picture just to let you know how big Lewie is ~ he had no ill effects from eating all those burgers and sausages :O)

We all had a lovely day ~ Amber went into the City Yesterday and spent all of her Birthday money But she was very happy ~ and bought herself some nice Bargains (All clothes of course and the odd bit of jewellery)  ~ but it was good to see her so contented ~ and happy with her life ~

I would like to have these celebrations every Sunday ~ but I think that would be too much work ~ So I look forward to the next Birthday and a family get together ~





Friday, 20 May 2011

Gathering of the Aunts Nieces Sisters and Daughters

Today we as a family (the Girls) met up to catch up with what is going on in our lives ~ so we do not lose touch with each other ~ we had a lovely day with lots of Laughter and lots of good food ~ we do this about 4 or 5 times a year at different Houses ~ and always enjoy ourselves ~

Now I must tell you of a small incident that happened on our way there ~ we were driving along the main road into Dereham and this little tan coloured terrier was crossing the road ~ very slowly ~ we pulled up as did the cars coming towards us ~

The little dog padded into a garden and we thought and hoped perhaps it was where it lived ~ Lyn hopped out of the car and knocked on the door (Twice) ~ The lady came to answer it and said I got here as quickly as I could (We don’t think she appreciated ringing her bell twice :O)~ but when Lyn asked her if the little dog belonged to her ~ she was shocked as she did not know it had got out of her Garden ~ and she explained to Lyn that it was Blind and Deaf ~ and she was very thankful that we found it’s home ~ (The Little Dogs name is Pepper)

I was happy that he was safe with his owner ~ th_ally20girl20pink20heartMA13701568-0

Thursday, 19 May 2011

How my garden grows

It had been a lovely day ~and we are just home from shopping ~ Lyn has now taken her friend to the Hospital as she has to have an injection in her eye ~ (Which Lyn tells me it is very painful) she does go in with her friend to watch ~


Looking round the garden I liked what I saw


Picture 041 Rose Bush absolutely full of blooms just behind the letter box

Picture 042 One of the flowers isn’t it beautiful


Picture 045 One branch of The apple tree is full of fruit ~ as is all of the treePicture 046 the plum tree (Victoria Plums) they look so small but in a few weeks time they will be Large and ready to eat

Picture 044 The Cherry tree once again full of fruit ~ last year the birds came and took the cherries ~ they ate the fruit and left the stalk and pip on the tree ~ which I thought was very good of them :O)


Hope you enjoyed your walk round my Garden ~ please feel free to help yourself the the fruit :O)