Friday, 27 August 2010

The School Holidays are nearly over

It seems ages since the Children Broke up for their holidays and now it is nearly time for them to go back to School ~ and I think they really are looking forward to the new term ~

We have been out and about up and down Country Lanes and exploring the countryside ~ in this part of the world there are many places to visit ~ if you like the seaside we are only a few miles away from the Sea and Sand ~ but I prefer the countryside ~ We went through a small village and in one of the gardens we found this cow with her calf just by the side of the road ~ it seemed an odd place to have a stable but she looked very content as did her calf ~
I hope to have more time to devote to my blog ~

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Another addition to our family

We have aquired a Corn Snake he did belong to Sam our Grandson ~ but he no longer wanted him as he is out and about a lot and no time for all the work required to take care of him~

He is lovely, I didn't think I could take to a snake but he is so friendly and he only needs to be fed once a week ~ he has a lovely home with Branches to slither along a dome thing !!!! to go into when he wants to ~ and all in all he looks quite comfortable and Happy ~ (how do you know if a snake is happy ~ I have no idea but I just like to think he is)

He has such a cute little face and his colours are lovely ~ Nin and Barney just ignore him ~ I am very happy to say :o)
We have been having some awful weather here we stopped at a store coming home, when we went in it was bright and sunny coming out 10 minutes later is was pouring down with rain ~ we stood under the cover of the Store but the rain was relentless so Lyn ran to the car but unfortunately slipped on the wet ground and hit her face she cannot remember how she cut her nose and I would think she may end up with a blackeye ~ she thinks she slipped when she opened the door and hit herself in the face ~ but she is feeling OK now you can't keep her down for long and on the way home she was laughing at doing such a stupid thing ~ but I do know how much it hurt her :O(
Hope you are all OK and having a wonderful weekend
♥ u Ally x
I forgot to mention that the snake is named Lenny