Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Our Shopping Spree ??????

Lyn and I arranged to meet up with 0ur Granddaughter in the City as she wanted to buy a Dress for a Dinner she was going to that very next night ~ (She left shopping for it to a very late date:O)

Lyn and I decided to drive to Norwich Airport and catch the Park and Ride Bus ~ into the City as this would save us looking round for a parking space ~

We arrived very early and went to look round one or two shops ~ then we went into the Forum to have a cup of Coffee ~

It was the very first time I had gone into the Forum and it was a very pleasant surprise Lovely and warm and lots of stalls selling no end of different gifts ~

Anyway we eventually caughtup with Granddaughter and went into her very favourite shop "Next" ~ after trying on at least six different dresses she didn't like any of them ~ so we left and crossed the Road to Debenhams ~ collecting Dresses which I thought were lovely but she didn't :O( ~ so we once again crossed the Road to M&S where I thought she would definitely find something that she wanted and liked:O)

But No after trying on several more dresses we called it a day ~ Granddaughter gave us a lift back to the Park and Ride ~ and we went back home ~

We later learned that Granddaughter had got up at 11pm and went to Supermarket where she did in fact find a dress that she loved ~

Believe it or Not we really had a great evening ~ It was nice just to meet up and chat ~
I had an e~mail From Kath "Mother Hen" who has been having quite a lot of health problems and has not been on the Computer ~ she asked me to give you all her love and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and A Happy New Year and to say how much she missus all
Ally x

Friday, 3 December 2010

above is William with his Hobby Horse
Here is a picture of Toby ~ williams little dog ~he is fully grown now but this was taken when he broke his leg you can just see the plaster it was green

Do you remember the Hornets that took over one of the Nesting boxes in the garden ~ they were Huge ~ I am glad to say they passed us by this year ~

This is one of my Favourite plates the Grandchildren bought it for us

I am only doing this post as I had been having problems with my blog so really just testing if it is working OK now
Ally x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

What a lovely Day

Looking out of the Lounge window today ~ Oh my gosh it is sooo cold and the wind is so strong it nearly knocked me over :O)

Lyn and I had a Great day today ~ we went to the Quality Inn Hotel to have a Christmas Dinner with old friends ~ the Back roads here are very dangerous as we have had quite a lot of snow ~ but once you get on the main roads all is OK ~ they have been gritted and are very safe ~ we had the Four Wheel Drive today so felt really safe driving along ~

It does not seem possible that Christmas is just around the corner ~ it seems only a short while ago we were waiting for the New Year 2010 now 2011 is nearly here ~ time just seems to fly by ~

We have nearly finished our Christmas shopping and Lyn has wrapped all the presents we have bought ~ mostly on line shoppiing which is really very handy with the weather being as bad as it is ~

We have had some gliches with Banking but I am glad to say they have been resolved to our satisfaction