Thursday, 2 December 2010

What a lovely Day

Looking out of the Lounge window today ~ Oh my gosh it is sooo cold and the wind is so strong it nearly knocked me over :O)

Lyn and I had a Great day today ~ we went to the Quality Inn Hotel to have a Christmas Dinner with old friends ~ the Back roads here are very dangerous as we have had quite a lot of snow ~ but once you get on the main roads all is OK ~ they have been gritted and are very safe ~ we had the Four Wheel Drive today so felt really safe driving along ~

It does not seem possible that Christmas is just around the corner ~ it seems only a short while ago we were waiting for the New Year 2010 now 2011 is nearly here ~ time just seems to fly by ~

We have nearly finished our Christmas shopping and Lyn has wrapped all the presents we have bought ~ mostly on line shoppiing which is really very handy with the weather being as bad as it is ~

We have had some gliches with Banking but I am glad to say they have been resolved to our satisfaction



Stuart said...

Just the cards still to write then?

jack69 said...

Ahhhhh, yes sweet lady, time does march on. As I get older it seems to march faster. LOL

It is good to hae the four wheel drive. I have learned a lot from youand in the past from Mort, about your country. I only visited Spit Head (Portsmouth) and London. I like hearing your views and reports of the weather etc.
Thanks and love from over here.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I've heard that you had quite a bit of snow! Enjoy it! We are still waiting for our snow. 6 hours west of us got several feet!

Slamdunk said...

4 wheel drives are super to have for those snow days. We had traded ours in and did not have one for a few years--glad we got a new vehicle with it last year and am ready for the storms.

Paula said...

we're having sunny days still here in south Texas.

Rose~* said...

We got some snow last week, but it has almost completely disappeared, now. I have my winter driving tires on my mid-size car, so I'm ready for the snow. Hoping for a white Christmas this year. For sure, the time seems to fly by faster as I get older. Still have Christmas cards to send, but most of my shopping has been done. Whew!

Sara said...

Mmmm... yumbly Christmas dinners :o)
Glad you had such a nice time, Ally, and that the snow didn't beat you!

Odds Bodkins. said...

This year has flown by soooo quickly hasn't it? Ihaven't even thought about Christmas yet. Nice to see someone has it all under control. ;O)

B. x

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Mail order is the best, I do 95% of my shopping that way. It certainly has been a fast year.