Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Nin and Barneys visit to the "Fat" Nurse at the vets

Nin and Barney at the vets 003

Nin waiting patiently for Barney to come back to the car


Nin and Barney at the vets 005

Barney is not quite so patient he do'es not like to be too far away from Nin


Nin and Barney at the vets 002

We took the rest of the pets along with us :o)


It was weigh in day at the Vets ~ both of the boys are overweight ~ Barney has to lose 7lbs and Nin 5lbs

they did not have a note of Barneys weight from the last visit ~ but we know he has lost quite a lot as his tum is not as big as it was ~


These visits to the "Fat" Nurse are free ~ they like to keep and eye on our pets ~ all we have to do is buy the Diet food and at £54 I am glad they are free ~ Mind you it is a huge big bag so should last quite a while ~



Here is William we Baby sat him while Mum and Dad were at work ~ he is a pleasure to have ~ and makes himself at home ~ had to put the guard up to protect him from the wood burner ~ as he kept wanting to undo the door ~ he goes to bed early and wakes up late ~ what more could any Mother ask for


Pretty girl Ally

Monday, 2 February 2009

Barney and the vet

Where ever Nin is Barney won't be far away
Barney sitting in front of the door where we keep their food

We had to take Barney to the vets for his injections ~ and he is terrified going there ~ I can't understand why as they are such a lovely lot of people and are so kind ~ but he only has to enter the doors and he starts to shake ~ Lyn and I took him in my little car and he sat on Lyn's knee but he worried all the way ~ when we arrived at the vets I sat in the car and Lyn took Barney into to see the vet ~

I sat there for a good 20 minutes so thought I would go in to see how things were going ~ well Barney was still on Lyn's knee shaking like a leaf ~

he eventually had his injections and was really a very good boy ~ but he couldn't get out of the doors quick enough ~ I had to smile as the vet told Lyn he was overweight and had to go on a diet ~ she got a phone call today asking her to go to the surgery and have a consultation with his fat nurse ~ (Nurse is not fat) just Barney ~ he weighs 4 stone I am not sure what he should weight but I am sure it is not 4 stone ~ but I hasten to add they had made a mistake using Kilograms and not Pounds ~ so in actual fact Barney weighs two stones but is still overweight ~

Do you remember SusaneBunn ~ she has started a blog again ~ above is a link to her new journal ~ It is nice to see an old AOL friend back with us

It has been snowing here for the last 3 days some heavy some light but they say we have a lot more to come tonight ~