Friday, 3 February 2012

the lost dog

Tom came and picked Lyn and myself up as we wanted to go the Argos ~ Sainsbury's and The Range ~Tom needed to go shopping as well so we decided to all go together ~ we got out into the country and there seemed to be a holdup of the traffic the cars in front of us were moving very slowly ~ when we came to the reason the traffic was moving so slowly it turmed out it was a small black dog running up and down the road ~ we pulled into the side of the road and Tom opened his door called the little dog over and it happily jumped into the car ~ Tail wagging and it looked very pleased and made quite a fuss of the four of us ~ Abbie who was with us and was really concerned and worried about the dog ~ and wanted to know how we were going to look after it ~ and to find it's owner ~ Tom drove a short way down the road and stopped at a small block of houses ~ he intended to ask anyone who maybe at home if they knew who's dog it might be ~ when he returned he was followed by another man who looked into the car and realised that it was his dog and he called her Sophie and he was so pleased to see her and she was pleased to see him ~ and I must admit we breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she was back where she belonged little Sophie did not have a collar on so we were very lucky that Tom chose the right door to knock on ~