Monday, 20 September 2010


Love this picture of Nin

I love to sit back and let my mind wander to the days long gone when I lived at home with my brothers and sisters ~ Our brothers were very protective of us girls ~ where ever we went in the City we would always come across one of them making sure they knew we were safe ~ we would meet up at a cafe' in Prince of Wales Road for a cup of tea before going home for Sunday Lunch

Sunday was very different then as everything was closed except the Museum ~ and the odd cafe ~ Thinking back to those days we had wonderful Christmas's Mum and Dad didn't have much cash to throw around but they did give us all the love we needed ~
when you think they had eight children but not one of us lacked the knowledge of knowing we were all loved ~

Dad was so patient with us all even when my brothers would borrow one of his shirts or his best jacket ~ or even his best pair of shoes ~ and Mum had a knack of being able to stop us dead with one of her looks if we did anything that didn't meet with her approval ~ I wish I had inherited that knack ~

my brother Tony who is 5 years older than me went to Heigham House School before Joy and me but he was terrible for playing traunt from school Mum would have to take him to the Front gate and see him in ~ but what Mum didn't know was the back entrance was always open and Tony would go in the front gate and immediately go to the back gate and leave the school premises ~

the funny thing was that he was the only one of us to attend the school reunions ~ which never ceased to make us laugh ~ I hope our teachers were pleased to see him as they very rarely got that privaledge during his school years ~

going back to our Christmas's we used to join together these chains to decorate the ceiling of our house and had many happy nights getting ready for Christmas ~ Mum would bake mince pies sausage rolls and all the other goodies that made our christmas ~ but would have to lock them away from us kids as we would have eaten them all if they had been in the pantry ~

such happy memories I am glad to have the ability to remember them all and to remember my parents for the love and understanding they gave us I know my brothers and sisters would approve of me writing this as they were all like me very glad to have had such wonderful parents



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What beautiful memories you have of your family. These are treasures that cannot be bought. All the money in the world could never replace them. Thank you for sharing them today. It brings back some wonderful memories for me too. Being able to remember is a gift. I hope your Monday is a great one!

Angie said...

Oh dear Ally, I had to laugh about your brother Tony's antics. He must be the only bloke ever to attend a school reunion where all his erstwhile classmates were wondering who the heck he was.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Love the picture......


jack69 said...

What a great entry Ally. I love to read others memories. there is always something tht keys my own memories.
It is a wonderful thing to have a memory, to look back at the lovely days when cares were much lighter. You can see the things that seemed to by unsurmountable, were really mole hills.
Sounds like a wonderful life.
Sherry & Jack

Stuart said...

that was lovely.......thank you

welcome to my world of poetry said...

This is a wonderful write ally,
I too love to go down memory lane especially when things are not as they should be.
Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Thanks for visiting my blog the comments are very much appreciated.



Memories can often be either bad or good. I choose to remember the good ones. :-)

Paula said...

Love the memories and especially about your brother going in the front of school and right out the back. Bet he is as smart as the rest of you now.

Missie said...

I always like to look back at the memories I have had with my siblings growing up. Sometimes when I feel really down, I can think of something funny my brother would done to cheer me up and I'll feel better.

Have a good week.

salemslot9 said...

8 children


alot of love

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sweet memories...

Canyon Girl said...

What a lovely tribute to your parents and your family. Do you have any pictures of them to post sometime?

Anonymous said...

memories are the most beautiful treasures we all is all we have most of the time..and the love we share keeps us going!!! thanks for stopping by my blog after I have been negligent for so and hugs from across the big pond in Kentucky

Hollie said...

I love the picture of Nin! So cute! What wonderful memories! That's so funny about your brother leaving school all the time & yet he's the one that attended the reunions! LOL Thanks for sharing!

Rose~* said...

Nin looks so darn cute, Ally. I laughed when I read about your Mom hiding the Christmas baking from the kids. My Mom used to do the same thing with her Christmas cake. Thanks for sharing your memories with us!

Odds Bodkins. said...

Your Christmases sounds as happy as my own Ally, must be something to do with having so many of us there.

I remember those paper chains you had to make yourself, we had loads of them.

And had to laugh at brother Tony's school antics.

Thanks for sharing Ally.

B. x