Friday, 19 November 2010

Barney again

Don't he look comfortable

I know I often tell you about Barney how he Barks at the postman or for that matter he barks at anyone who dares to put a foot on our Drive way ~ and as the Caravan has now gone out of our garden he has a much better view ~ so everyone who passes by gets barked at ~ plus of course he Barks at the Hoover ~ But Oh how he seems to hate the Hoover !!!!!! ~ we have tried many ways to try to stop this but where ever he is in the house you only have to touch the Hoover and he's there ~

The pictures are of him cuddled down in his bed and can you see that little red toy just near the Rug ~ well everytime we go out ~ on our return he brings this toy to us ~
and wags his tail because he is pleased to see us ~ actually he brings his toy to any visitor ~ but he won't part with it just keeps it in his mouth ~

When Lyn and I go out he is at the window watching us depart ~ I often wonder what is going on in his little mind ~ probably want's to know why we are leaving him at home ~

Nin and Barney have identical beds bought from the RSPCA but they know which one is their's ~ and they only seem to occupy there own ~

We have been very Lucky with the dogs we have had over the years ~ they bring such a lot of pleasure ~ they are so Loyal and faithful ~ and I might add they guard us ~ or at least the noise they make barking when strangers are about would frighten anyone away ~

Ally x


BlueRidge Boomer said...

CityBoy and i often joke about our alarm system....Max, Mia & Misskitty!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think your Barney is adorable all curled up in his warm bed. Dogs are so cute to watch and it does make one wonder what they are thinking. It is nice to have them let you know when someone is about too. Here at my house the bird chirps when someone comes...that's my alarm system.

Canyon Girl said...

Of my dogs, Angel and Soldier watch and raise the alarm, but Samson only barks when he has something to say. I never knew a dog to talk back to you before. He's also the only one who clearly barks a "Whoof, whoof." I mean it sounds like that. Barney looks so cozy in his bed and what a nice bed it is.--Inger

welcome to my world of poetry said...

This brought memories when I had a dog, she used to wait by the post box for the postman and snatch the mail.
Loved the photo's wonderful dog.


Jan said...

I some times think Kizzie came from the same litter as your two ,the charateristics are so similar , Jan xx

Sara said...

Awww Ally, he is such a cutie :o) Everything you say about your Barney reminds me of my Buddy. He barks at any noise outside, and HATES the hoover also! Our boys are funny aren't they :o)

Paula said...

Barney is sooo cute. His bed reminds me of my Susie's bed (cat) but I have to put a pair of my dirty socks in it to get her to sleep in it.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

He looks very content.

jack69 said...

I meant to say I like the Turkey's!

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hi Ally,

He looks cosy alright. It's funny how they fixate on things like hoovers isn't it? Perhaps he thinks you expect him to do the vacuuming.

B. x

jack69 said...

Great entry Ally. Yep the barking is irrating some time, but there are times when things have been avoided because of a 'watchful eye and a noisy bark'.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend. I posted yesterday it never got on for some reason.

Love from this side of the pond!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I love Barney. He seems to be a bit cranky and I like that as I'm a bit cranky as well.


Linda :) said...

Barney, you are so comfy cozy in your bed.... :)

Jan said...

Hi Ally,
Nice to read about your Barney.
Hugs, Jan

Julie said...

Barney is so cute. Zoey used to bark at everyone but is getting so deaf she doesn't hear most of it anymore. Poor ole dog.


Barney looks so cute and comfy, cozy in his bed. How sweet that he brings you a gift each time you return home. Enjoyed hearing about him.