Sunday, 23 November 2008

First Snow of winter 005

View from my bedroom window this morning looking out on the front lawn

First Snow of winter 002

Yesterdays view from my bedroom window

Thought you would like to share our snow ~ although I suspect you have plenty of your own ~


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Alfred&AliceKemp This picture if of my Dearest Mum and Dad celebrating a very special wedding anniversary ~ their Diamond Wedding ~ they were so devoted to each other ~ they met while Mum was a Land Girl ~ and Dad was in the Army ~

My Dad and Dick got on very well together they both loved to go fishing ~ and as we had a boat Dad enjoyed it all the more ~ Every weekend they would load the car with their fishing gear and off they would go ~  I tagged along sometimes as I really enjoyed fishing ~ I didn't like putting those maggots on the hook though

:o( ~ but I had to if I wanted to join in ~



When we were Children Dad would take my younger brother Ivor and my Sister Joy and me fishing with him so we learnt at an early age that we had to sit still and not make a lot of noise ~  I think Mum made him take us so she could have some time to herself ~ but when we arrived home which as late in the day she would have a lovely Sunday Roast on the table waiting for us ~


I love to look back on those happy days and the fun we had ~ coming from a very large family we didn't miss out on anything there was enough love to go round ~ we were never short of anything ~ maybe we didn't have as many toys as others ~ but Love made up for that ~

Pretty girl Ally

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

This is a picture of My Granny and Grandpa and their 10 children ~my dear Mum is in the top row on the right the one wearing that Hat ~
My Auntie Violet is still alive and I am going to see her so she can tell me all the names of the Children ~ I can only guess as I was not alive when they were young ~
I love this picture and my Granny Gee sitting in the middle with the child on her knee ~ my Sister Joy and I always visited her Sunday mornings and she would always give us a slice of seed cake which we ate on the way home ~ we both hated the seeds in the cake and would pick them out ~ and there were hundreds of them ~ and they tasted of aniseed ~ can still taste them today :o) and they were horrible
:o( there were more seed than cake but we must have been hungry because we always finished it before we got home ~
I do not remember my Grandad Gee he died before I was born but oh my Gosh he does look like one of my five brothers ~ and my Borther Dennis would agree with me ~ as they look so alike ~
Ally x